We Are Hiring

We are constantly hiring. If you are an outstanding software engineer and would like to join our team, please do not hesitate to submit your CV to hi@pluscom.co.ke


About the position:

Pluscom Services is seeking an experienced full stack engineer to join the team that is responsible for the application, APIs, and client interfaces that serve our product reviews and power our business. This is a new position on a team of two-plus engineers, reporting to the engineering manager and working closely with engineers, product managers, and designers. Successful candidates thrive in a fast-paced environment, think critically, communicate clearly, collaborate, solve problems, write quality code, and ship features that achieve business goals.

As a full stack engineer you play a pivotal role in building a best-in-class product platform. You should be comfortable working onsite. Ideally, you have experience working on a distributed development team.

We have a strong focus on scale, reliability, performance, and product agility, and that means picking the right tool for the job while being pragmatic and flexible.

The tech stack for the platform team mainly consists of:

  • Laravel — PHP framework
  • Composer — dependency management
  • Vue JS
  • Grunt/Gulp — task automation
  • Sass/CSS — markup styles


  • Translate UI/UX wireframes to visual elements
  • Build scalable, high-quality, and innovative solutions and features
  • Write code that is simple, reliable, maintainable, performant, functional, and compatible across devices and browsers
  • Design applications with extensibility in mind, while considering efficiency and the burden of developer onboarding
  • Debug issues reported in our production environment
  • Provide level-of-effort estimates and specifications for upcoming project tasks
  • Understand requirements, discuss trade-offs, and collaborate on the best approach to solving a problem
  • Succinctly communicate complex problems and proposed solutions, in writing and in conversation
  • Perform code reviews with meaningful feedback
  • Test and troubleshoot with automated testing or manual quality assurance


  • 3+ years of experience with PHP, including Laravel or another MVC frameworks
  • 3+ years of experience with JavaScript, jQuery, NPM, and the Document Object Model API
  • 3+ years of experience styling client-side views with CSS or Sass
  • Understanding of object-oriented software principles, unit testing, acceptance testing, and design patterns
  • Experience developing and consuming restful Web services
  • Experience working closely with design and product teams throughout the product development life cycle
  • A deep understanding of software development, working collaboratively as part of a multidisciplinary team with a track record of shipping software on time
  • Curiosity and vision: You have a passion for technology and can think critically about performance, scalability, and reliability of software
  • Comfortable working without micromanagement of day-to-day tasks
  • Experience with version control and basic shell scripting


  • Experience with Vue JS or other JavaScript frameworks
  • Experience working with Elasticsearch
  • Experience with the JSON API specification
  • Working knowledge of AWS and Docker
  • Familiarity with WordPress or any other CMS
First of all: this is a fulltime freelance gig. You can choose when and where to work from, but the time exposure should be similar to a 9-5 Job.
Your typical workday will start with answering all open requests in our support forum. During the day you should check the forum several times, clear follow up questions and answer new queries. In short: make our customers super happy This usually takes up most of your time. If the support queue is cleared your job is to create material to educate our customers. Which means: write tutorials for the blog, create short Video Tutorials with screenr and help writing better documentation for our themes. All in all I’m looking for the equivalent of a full-time employee’s hours. (about 170 hours/month of freelancing)
  • You are very comfortable coding HTML & CSS and have at least some jQuery scripting knowledge
  • You are good with PHP & WordPress
  • You have used Firebug, Chromes Debugging Console, Operas Dragonfly or a similar tool for web development before
  • Your written and spoken English is of a high standard
  • You are always polite